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Customize Blazer with Hoods, Strings & Patches


Meet the MW POPULAR STYLES, our most popular blazers that are ready to ship. The Miller Wendt Hoodie Blazer is athleisure with stretch and comfort but has the silhouette of a classic blazer.

Take the decision making out of creating your own and go with the MW Popular Styles. Shop


If you like designing your own style, you can customize a MW  Hoodie Blazer from scratch.

  • Hoodie Cuff Blazer
  • Hoodie Patch & Pocket Blazer
  • Hoodie Angel Wings Blazer

Start by selecting from one of our 3 Custom Athleisure Blazer styles. Customize.


Meet the CARTER FREEDOM BLAZER in True Navy, Olive, Ivory, & Black. The lightest, airiest fabric will make this your “live in” or uniform blazer.

  • High styled,
  • Slit in sleeves, no closure.

Comes with choice of hood. All other MW hoods are compatible. Shop


Meet the OLIVIA CHAIN BLAZER in black. Comfortable as our hoodie blazer but with a more high styled feel.

  • Slit open sleeves, no closure,
  • amazing stretch.

Silver or gold chain belt along with a black hood, & black string. All MW hoods are compatible. Shop


These Blazers are already hand designed by our very own MW Stylists. These Blazers are only available in specific sizes and fall under our “We Made Too Many” category.

MW Hoodie Athleisure Blazers with stretch and comfort. Take the decision making out of creating your own. Inventory

Miller Wendt

Worn By Celebrities

Home of the Miller Wendt signature athleisure customized blazer.

Miller Wendt is a Family who decided to indulge in our love for comfort and trend (who doesn’t like that?) and created our Miller Wendt Blazer to give the relaxed look some Edge. Wear your Hoodie Blazer over your workout clothes, in the school pickup line over your PJs (to stop the funny looks), or to cocktails on the fly with that guy that just swiped right. Consider this your Life’s Activity Jacket. Love it, Right?

What kind of Miller Wendt Girl are you?

Miller Wendt, Athleisure Wear Womens Blazers


Setting the fashion trends for athleisure wear for women and men.

Miller Wendt replacing the hoodie

Athleisure Blazer Worn By Celebrities
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Come join our MW family and make life simple.

We are women (still feel like girls) who have jobs, go to yoga, enjoy cocktails, and support our kids through dozens of activities. Basically, life is too busy to always be "dressed." Change your hoods, strings and pick your patches, because fashion should be fun, right?

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