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Who is Miller Wendt?

Founders: Alyson, Michelle, Liza, Melissa & Sherry

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“Replacing the hoodie”

We are a family blessed to be mothers, daughters, siblings, cousins, visionaries and imaginative creators. We love fun, fashion, music, cocktails, community and women empowering women.

We have BIG DREAMS & know our goals & want the MW universe to serve a fashion purpose. Fashion is trendy…that’s for sure! But our holy grail is to create forever looks that can mix & blend & produce wardrobe looks with very little effort. We began with a premise to do away with the hoodie. Our grandmother’s MILLER & WENDT of the 1950’s always taught us about the Power of the Blazer. They were indeed Blazer Addicts.

We wanted to build on that with something current, something extraordinary & individual but most of all comfortable. Yay! We did it!

Founders: Alyson, Michelle, Liza, Melissa & Sherry

Who is Miller Wendt?

The most Comfortable Customized Athleisure Wear in the world.


  • All our products will always be Athleisure, and provide comfort, stretch like a hoodie but classy like a blazer.
  • We added hoods, lots of them! You can even start your own hood collection.
    We have so many choices 20… 30… 40… 50… or more! All seasons, all textures, camos, leopards, equestrian, solids, stripes, plaids, pleathers, velvets & more. Take the hood off to dress it up!
  • Every blazer, jacket, cape, sweatshirt, outer garment will always be produced with four buttons in the back so that every hood you ever purchase will mix & match and be able to be worn in a million different combinations! How fun is this RIGHT!?
  • Pick your patches. We have so many choices! Military, Golf, Tennis, Love, Equestrian, Classic, Yachting, Anchors, USA, always adding more.
  • Choose your strings for your hoods with so many colors! Plain, Perky, Pretty, Bright, Dark, Neon, Funky & continually adding more!
  • Choose your Epaulet, your own little pocket on your sleeve! Store your AmEx & $20 bill or your lip gloss & key… Up to you!
  • Coming out with so much more: skirts, pants, shorts – same fabrics to make your own version of that little suit you’ve always wanted!
What kind of Miller Wendt Girl are you?
What kind of Miller Wendt
Girl are you?
Miller & Wendt Mix & Match Best Athleisure Brands
Miller & Wendt
Mix & Match

Get to know the Miller Wendt family

Miller Wendt Hoodie Blazer Athleisure Wear
XO, The Miller Wendt Family

We are women who work & women who lunch, we dress up, we dress down….. whether it’s yoga pants or cut offs, whether it’s a tennis skirt or pencil skirt just throw on your MW Blazer for comfort & cool & think of our blazer as Life’s Activity Jacket. Come join our MW Family and make life simple.

Comfortable & Trendy Athleisure Wear
Comfortable & Trendy
Life’s Activity Jacket Athleisure Wear
Life’s Activity Athleisure Wear
Women Empowering Women Athleisure Wear
Women Empowering Women
Women's Athleisure Wear
Women’s Athleisure Wear
“A Blazer with Personality”
“Love yourself, do not obsess; Live your life to not impress and love your family to excess!”

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