The Miller Wendt Theory

Exchange Your Hoodie For

A Hoodie Blazer

Miller Wendt Theory, Activity Blazer Athleisure Wear
Miller Wendt Theory, Activity Blazer Athleisure Wear

It’s time to exchange your hoodie for a Miller Wendt hoodie blazer. Which is just as stretchy, just as comfy. But has interchangeable hoods, different color draw strings and a whole new silhouette. Same outfit one difference. Enjoy being a Miller Wendt girl.

Miller Wendt Theory, Activity Blazer Athleisure Wear
“It stretches with you, it’s the most cozy comfortable jacket. I am obsessed, I ordered three of these. My favorite jacket.”
Siggy Flicker

What kind of Miller Wendt Girl are you?

Miller Wendt, Athleisure Wear Womens Blazers


Setting the fashion trends for athleisure wear for women and men.

Come join our MW family and make life simple.

We are women (still feel like girls) who have jobs, go to yoga, enjoy cocktails, and support our kids through dozens of activities. Basically, life is too busy to always be "dressed." Change your hoods, strings and pick your patches, because fashion should be fun, right?

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