Customized Athleisure Blazer, Hoods, Patches & Epaulet Pocket


What comes with my customized blazer?

  • 1 Blazer (Easily Mix & Match Hoods / Strings on the go.)
  • 1 Patch (View All Patches) We sew it on for you: Right Arm
  • 1 Epaulet Pocket We sew it on for you: Left Arm
  • 1 Hood (View All Hoods)
  • 1 String (Many string color options)




Customizing your Miller Wendt Blazer
Your customized Miller Wendt Blazer allows you to choose the color and size of your blazer, pick your hood and string color, and customize the epaulet pocket arm style and one more patch for the other arm.

Be sure to explore our LOOK BOOK to get inspiration for how you may want to customize your athleisure blazer.

String Reference


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